Road Marking

Road Line Marking MelbourneLine marking on roads can supplement other traffic control devices or may be used alone to convey certain regulations, warnings and guidance to drivers. It is therefore important to ensure that the use of the markings conforms to the Australian Road Rules, Australian Standards and VicRoads guidelines to avoid conflict or confusion, legal or otherwise.


Advance Linemarking can assist with determining the appropriate type of line marking services that are required to support the effective and safe flow of traffic within road network leading to, or within your facility. This is best represented with a Traffic Management Plan, which allows for accurate assessment and costing of the project and can determine the quantity and location of line markings such as:

  • Dividing lines (separates opposing traffic flows only)
  • Barrier dividing lines (separates opposing traffic flows only)
  • Continuity lines
  • Turn lines
  • Stop lines
  • Give way lines
  • Pedestrian crosswalk lines
  • Parking control edge lines
  • Directional arrows
  • Shared space or area markings

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