Parking facilities

Parking facilitiesLine marking in car parks should supplement other traffic control devices or may be used alone to convey certain regulations, warnings and guidance to drivers.

Maximising available land space allocated for the parking of vehicles can only be achieved by installing clear reflective lines that guide drivers’ where to park. Correctly measured and line marked areas can not only increase the supply of spaces available, but maximise the parking yield.

It is therefore important to ensure that the use of the markings conforms to the Australian Road Rules, Australian Standards and VicRoads guidelines to avoid conflict or confusion, legal or otherwise.

To support the safe, effective flow of traffic within your facility, Advance Linemarking can draw up a floor or Traffic Management Plan that accurate assesses and costs your project. We can determine the type, quantity and location of line marking required, such as:

  • Continuity lines to depict multi-directional movements that may be permissible.
  • Turn lines to guide drivers’ to navigate safely when manoeuvring around bends or on ramps
  • Give way lines at ‘T’ intersections to improve safety.
  • Pedestrian crosswalk lines to provide safe passage for pedestrians entering and existing buildings
  • Directional arrows to indicate the flow of traffic and to assist drivers to navigate between levels and from entries to exits.
  • Special purpose parking bay line marking for disabled persons, contractors, couriers, etc.
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