Factory And Warehouse Line Marking Melbourne

Warehouse Line MarkingLine marking is an important element of a Traffic Management Plan for any factory or warehouse and is an important supplement to signage and other warning devices.

In a mixed use environment, the risk of injury or death in a factory or warehouse where vehicles, mobile plant, and pedestrians share the same work areas is heightened.

Line painting and floor marking can effectively segregate pedestrian and vehicular movement (e.g. trucks and forklifts), reducing the potential for accident or injury and thus improving overall workplace safety.

Possible control measures include:

  • Line marked walkways to define pedestrian routes and/or exclusion zones, roadways and load shifting equipment operating areas, such as fork lifts.
  • Line markings in docking areas to indicate distances from dock, i.e. 1 metre increments advising driver of proximity to dock, reducing the need for assistance reversing.
  • Line marking to depict ‘customer pick-up’ parking areas close to pedestrian walkways that provide access without crossing driveways or loading dock vehicle paths.
  • Warehouse floor marking and line painting to improve traffic flow and parking.
  • Driver designated safe areas, Keep Clear zones and bay/lane numbering and lettering where multiple docks exist, allowing your warehouse to satisfy Australian line marking standards.

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