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Melbourne road lines

Advance Line Marking has been providing quality line markers throughout Victoria for over 30 years, mainly in Melbourne’s Northern, Southern, and Eastern Suburbs. We provide advice on the appropriate types of line marking materials and various application and removal methods to a range of clients including retail, hospitals, universities and private clients.
Our specialty services in Melbourne include commercial and industrial floor coatings and concrete sealing, car park line marking and re-marking, installation of truck / forklift / pedestrian exclusion zones and safety walkway lines.
We offer a FREE no obligation quotation service and maintain a policy of using quality products to ensure a professional result.
We have a huge client portfolio of line painting for sport courts, private roads, schools, shopping malls and other private areas.

Line Marking Traffic Management and Safety Services

We take great pride in providing a reliable, efficient and safe service specific to your traffic management requirements. As we always keep public road safety in mind, we use only the highest quality materials.
You can checkout our existing safety marking projects gallery here.

Our safety painting services cover the following areas:

  • Roads
  • Factory and Warehouse
  • Sport Courts
  • Civil Construction
  • Car park facilities
  • Removal and re-marking.

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All work is undertaken by experienced line markers and is in accordance with AS 1428 and VicRoads guidelines.
To find out more about how specific line marking projects can increase safety in high traffic areas, see below.

Car Parks

Car accidents in parking areas are common, which is not surprising given the obstacle-course environment many of them present – narrow lanes, steep ramps and wedged-together spaces. Accurate and clear car park line marking gives drivers a helping hand and minimises the likelihood of crashes.
Line marking clearly delineating such things as parking spaces, directions for exit and entry, and designated places for pedestrian crossing. Quality paints must be used for high visibility. Also, the markings must meet Victorian health and safety requirements.


Warehouse line marking must also be carried out to strict health and safety requirements. Warehouses are bustling places, full of potential hazards: vehicles, heavy machinery and, depending on the industry, dangerous chemicals.
It’s therefore essential to have clear markings on your warehouse floor to anticipate and minimise these dangers to your workers, which can include anything from forklift traffic caution markings to clear marking of safe walkways for pedestrians.
To make sure your warehouse or car park is up to code, call Advance Linemarking in Melbourne.

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